Neuroscience Institute of Pastoral Medicine

The Neuroscience Institute of Pastoral Medicine (NSIPM) is organized for charitable, religious, educational, research and scientific purposes. The NSIPM is dedicated to educating the public on pastoral medicine as it relates to neuroscience.

About Us

Root Cause

Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s genetic, biochemical, structural and emotional make-up and seeking to establish the underlying cause of any health problem. The goal is optimal health emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

  • Whole Body Focused
  • Stress Reduction
  • True Healing
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Care Plan Assessment
  • Proven Therapies
  • Conquering Fear
  • Surrendering Trauma
  • Prayer Support
Nurturing the healing process with a holistic mindset, progressive scientific foundation, and spiritual grounding.


Your Tax Deductible Donations Support the Nurturing of

Children (Foster, Orphans, Neurologically Challenged & Abused)

Autoimmune (Neurological Disorders, Cancer & Degenerative Conditions)

Athletes (Concussion, Optimal Performance, Endurance & Injury Prevention)

Veterans/Active Military (PTSD, Toxic Overload & Pastoral Support)

NSIPM focuses on supporting our communities that are hurting and not responding to mainstream care. Join us in this endeavor with your tax deductible contribution. To obtain assistance with a donation, click the button below to send an email to our team.


PMA Practitioners

Our community of Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) licensed practitioners help clients find the root cause of their issues through stress reduction therapies and assessments to begin the journey of healing mentally, physically and emotionally.

Sano Wellness Center – Bloomington, MN  |  Upcoming Seminars at Sano Wellness Center


Pastoral Science & Medicine

What is Pastoral Science & Medicine?

Pastoral Science and Medicine (PSM) is the term devised by the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) to describe the system of natural approaches founded upon spiritual principles used by PSM practitioners for promoting and improving physical, mental and spiritual health. Health improvement results from making positive lifestyle changes and following other natural procedures that are biblically sound, science-based and professionally administered pursuant to acceptable standards of care.